Lipogems®, The History

Lipogems and anti-ageing treatments – the history

Ageing is a complicated process in which the cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged over time. However, this process can be reversed or at least slowed down by introducing fresh cells. These new cells have a special anti-aeging effect by repairing and regenerating.

The outcome can be much more effective in cases where the revitalisation process commences earlier in life. Adipose tissue cells contains healthy “replacement cells” which you are born with. They are used by your body to replace damaged cells or those, which are either old, or in the process of dying.

As you age you start losing healthy cells and the system´s recovery process becomes harder and takes longer. Injecting new cells has a rejuvenating effect.

Results of stem cell anti-aging therapy are; reduced age spots, a younger appearance and fewer wrinkles.

How it works

In 2013 it was discovered that human adipose tissue could be differentiated into almost each and every cell type in the human system without any genetic alteration.

All of a sudden a huge supply of stem cells with the capability of creating new bone as well as cartilage tissues became available and this scientific discovery provided relief for devastating illnesses such as chronic joint pain. In recent years this rejuvenating treatment has been introduced into aesthetic medicine.

Lipogems® and MSCs by the ‘father of the mesenchymal stem cell’

Professor Caplan is widely regarded as the ‘father of the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). In this video, aimed primarily at healthcare professionals, he explains that MSCs are really ‘natural drug stores’ for sites of tissue damage. Talking enthusiastically about the Lipogems® process – invented by Professor Tremolada – and the results/clinical outcomes that are being achieved, Professor Caplan explains how the Lipogems® process enables MSCs, taken from your own fatty tissue, to be injected directly into sites of tissue damage, so boosting their local presence and aiding recovery. Professor Caplan is convinced that MSC technology will change the way medicine is practised. A naturally occurring ‘product’ rather than a drug, he describes how MSCs have the entire human geno at their disposal to pick out