For Women

Women are no longer limited in their choices between enduring menopausal symptoms, or risking the side effects of synthetic hormone therapy. Women face a perplexing dilemma starting around the age 40 to 45.

Vaginal Health and Rejuvenation

The amount of sex hormones naturally produced by their body dwindles, causing a wide range of menopausal miseries in many, including hot flushes, depression, vaginal dryness and anxiety. The menopausal decline in hormone production is a direct cause of premature ageing.

Lipogems treatments offer a solution to one of the most challenging conditions woman face, vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

It is estimated that up to 40% of post-menopausal women experience symptoms related to vaginal atrophy, causing vaginal dryness. Current treatments focus mainly on the management of the symptoms.

Lipogems treatment will not only mitigate these degenerative changes and associated symptoms, but will have a long lasting result.

A rejuvenating treatment and will not only treat the symptoms but restore the natural health of the vagina giving great confidence and a renewed pleasure in sex.

The procedure

Utilizing the Lipogems system, adipose tissue will be taken from the abdomen or flanks via Liposuction then injected into the vaginal canal by our female Gynaecologist.

  • You are interested in having a minimally invasive procedure to restore vaginal health
  • You are looking for a natural solution to cure vaginal itching and dryness
  • You are looking for a long term solution
  • You wish to avoid HRT and use your own cells to restore a normal balance and find new confidence
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