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A natural way to rejuvenate your facial features and with long lasting natural results. Patients often refer to their treatment as the two-in-one, or the three-in-one. As the treatment provides improved facial contouring, reduction of stubborn fat pockets and smoothes eye-bags, so it also can be combined with an orthopaedic procedure to treat sports injuries or osteoarthritis. Read on to find out more about Liz, Janet, Elizabeth , Alex, Thea and Sonya’s personal stories. They all had the treatment for different reasons but, are equally happy with the results.

Liz Dunn

Lipogems fat injections in face

Post my treatment my face feels refreshed and has a wonderful natural glow. It’s entirely natural, just what I’d hope for

Liz is a trauma coordinator and a trained surgical care practitioner. She is a ‘Super-nurse’ running a highly stressed, fact paced unit at the Royal London Hospital. She works long shifts and commutes for 3 hours per day from Maldon in Essex. She would not change anything about her job because she loves it but, at 46 Liz felt that she looked exhausted.
She has 2 children aged 23 and 17. Liz has a young outlook and often goes to the pub with her daughter and wants to continue to look great for her age.

Liz already had a fantastic bone structure but Miles Banwell notes that early signs show total loss of under-eye bags, an opening up of the eye.

Her facial Lipogems treatment has delivered exactly what she’d hoped for ‘a natural glow’. She appears youthful, refreshed and perfectly natural. 

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Lipogems fat injections in face.

Post my procedure I can’t believe how great I look and feel so much more confident.

Alex works in the high intensity world of live events. As a producer he travels the world putting on huge productions for massive global brands. It is a pressurized world of late nights, where many things can go wrong in a live environment. Alex wanted to see if he could get rid of the unwanted inherited dark circles he had for years and were making him look more tired than he felt. He hadn’t fancied any procedures that used ‘chemicals’ or a surgical procedure. He heard about the treatment from a friend, who had it and liked the fact that it uses cells from your own body and was less invasive. Post his procedure he can’t believe how great he looks and he feels so much more confident. His work colleagues keep saying how refreshed he looks.

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Lipogems fat injections in face and knees

My knees are so much better, but an added bonus was rejuvenating my face, making sun damaged lips and dry pigmented skin a thing of the past.

Sonya grew up in Australia. Working in the mining industry and living an outdoor lifestyle with plenty of sport and sailing. By the time Sonya reached her late 40s she had significant skin damage.

Playing hockey at a competitive level (Sonya is a 4th generation hockey player), Sonya injured her left knee – ACL in 1992 and then the right knee in 2011. She had knee reconstruction operations on both knees and further operations to repair scarring.

She now coaches under 14 hockey but she was not able to run, turn or fully demonstrate the techniques that she was teaching. She also suffered from day to day pain in her knees.

On a boat trip to Perth when Sonya was a teenager Sonya got very badly sunburnt. As a result she was dependent on lip balm that she applied up to 8 times per day to her constantly cracked and bleeding lips.

Sonya had Lipogems to both knees and the new aesthetic procedure of Lipogems fat injections into her face. Early signs are good and she notices in only the first few weeks a significant decrease in pain in her knees.

The most dramatic change has been in her face and especially the lips. Lipogems has been added around the lips and the change has been instant. Dryness has gone and they appear full and glossy while appearing natural. Sonya felt that the Lipogems fat injections in her face was a lovely add-on and the amazing changes have made her feel very happy.

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Lipogems fat injections in face.

I like the fact that fat injections are more than semi-permanent. They last for a long time and only decrease as the body naturally ages.

Thea is married to Alex and also works in the high intensity world of live events. When Alex mentioned he was considering a procedure she decided that she would go for it too. Working with lots of trendy youthful people she wanted to feel and look younger but, didn’t want people to know she had had something done. She likes the fact that fat injections are more than semi-permanent. They last for a long time and only decrease as the body naturally ages. Since the procedure she feels younger and is delighted that her skin feels so rejuvenated. People notice she looks well but not that she had anything ‘done’.

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Lipogems fat injections in face and knees

I see a younger version of me looking back at me from the mirror – I’m delighted.

Skiing was a treat for super-sporty project manager Janet. Playing badminton twice a week and loving their hobby of walking. Janet and her husband were planning a coast-to-coast walk across the UK.

Then a freak fall on the slopes left her with a badly damaged ACL. She was carried down the mountain and after an operation to repair the damage she felt better for 3 or fours years afterwards. However, wanting to carry on with sport meant that she had started to experience a catching sensation when she exercised.

She could no longer go to the gym and was experiencing more and more episodes of swelling and pain.

She thought that as she was having her knee treated with Lipogems that she might as well try the new beauty procedure to deal with under eye bag and signs of ageing. After only 2 weeks Janet has noticed a dramatic improvement in her knee. No pain and much improved mobility. Her eyes and face appear much younger, relaxed and open. She is delighted with both her face and her knee.

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Lipogems fat injections in face

I choose this procedure because it was using my own cells and at the same time reducing a spare type which I hated- it’s lived up to my expectations and so much more! Flat tummy and a fresh face…

With a high–powered job working as a marketing director in the health and beauty industry for many years, Liz had noticed people starting to ask her if she was tired.

She was not tired but, the natural signs of ageing had started to characterise her face. Liz tried Lipogems Beauty because she wanted to look as healthy as she felt and also to restore her confidence. By filling some hollows in the face with her own fat cells Liz, after only a few weeks has a more youthful natural appearance. No one realises that she has had anything done, she has been restored to her best self. All with minimal downtime from her busy job.

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